Growth. Depth. Care.

At Mentorship Pathway, these three core values fuel our mission to improve lives through emotional intelligence. What started out as a small program with three mentees in March 2016, Mentorship Pathway has now grown into a centre for emotional intelligence at King’s College, Kathmandu. Our efforts are directed toward mentoring and researching in a bid to help nurture more self-aware and empathetic individuals.


The famous philosopher, Socrates, once said that the unexamined life isn’t worth living.

Future of Jobs Report by World Economic Forum predicts that emotional intelligence will rank sixth among top ten skills in 2020.

Without strong relationships to provide perspective, it is very easy to lose our way. As educators we help create a climate of growth and trust to help you develop the critical life skills of self-reflection and empathy.



“I realized that I was a slow learner and noteworthy progress doesn’t happen overnight. I valued each week’s session and the one-on-one sessions with my mentor equally. All the emotional support and the professional feedback by my mentors still stick with me”

Ashish Dev, Mentee, 6th Cohort

“For me, this is my second home. And this is where I was able to re-find and re-define myself. I suggest others to take this platform to dig-up their unheard voices and express without fear of being judged. A new beginning awaits, people!”

Prajwol Wagle, Mentee, 4th Cohort/Former Program Assistant